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Curney Nuffer was born in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1951.He was educated at East Tennessee University and, after a stint in the military, relocated to Richmond where he began his art education initially through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School and Virginia Commonwealth University.

He subsequently studied with portrait artist, Eloise Atkinson, in her studio class where he developed his talent for portraiture. He is an active portrait artist.

In later years Curney studied with a number of graduates of the prestigious Surikov Institute, founded in 1851 in Moscow, Russia. Among these are Nikolai Anatolyvich Dubavik, Professor; Igor Raevitch, Ilya Yatsenko and Jonathan Henry Wurdemann.

Curney participated in an intensive landscape painting course in the Republic of Georgia with these same Surikov Institute painters: the King Erekle International School of the Arts in the Republic of Georgia where many of the Russian painters live and teach in the summer months.

His studio is located at the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond where  he also teaches classes, paints commissioned portraits and exhibits year round. His art workshops in England, Italy and Portugal are popular travel-and-paint experiences for artists who want to enjoy plein air painting in an art-rich environment. He accepts private students for classes or consultation as time permits. 

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